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  • 1991- In upstateNew York, Chris Johnson started a revolution. He opened up the Freedom Wrestling Committee. It was a group of men that wanted to start a revolution in wrestling. These 5 men eventually opened New York State Wrestling. It was a very successful wrestling federation. Untill 1993, when N.Y.S.W. screwed up the bills and went bankrupt. Johnson and 3 others left the state due to unemployment and high embarrasement. Steven Ecker, who was part of the crew, stayed back to live his life.

  • 1994- Steven Ecker, now a successful wrestling columnist, met Vince Miller. Vince Miller was a very highly successful indy federation owner. He owned the International Wrestling Federation. Steven and Vince made some talks and eventually hired Steven as commisioner of the IWF. For 3 years, Ecker was with the IWF. He saw many starts come in and go out. In 1996, he also got to be a booker, and stepped in a president when Vince got in a car wreck. Little did Steven know, that in 1998, those 2 months of being president of the IWF, would lead him into the biggest break of his life....

  • 1998- The opening of the Hardcore Wrestling Organization. The HWO was the biggest thing to hit the wrestling world. Many superstars left their priginal federation to join with the HWO. For a short time of 8 months, the HWO was on top. But on January 22nd, 1999, Scorpion, the HWO World Champion for 5 and a hlaf months LEFT the HWO!! That was the biggest blow to the HWo and to Steven. After Scorpion left , the HWO went right downhill. On Febuary 15th 1999, the HWO was closed. Everyone thought that Steve Ecker was done with wrestling completely due to this heartbreak....Untill NOW!!!

    Fallout Wrestling has been in the wrestling books for quite a few years. Ecker has always wanted to open a successful wrestling organization, and now it's his time to do it! He wants something better than the HWO! FW should be the best one of all time! -Brian Ferry, Wrestling Times