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  • [Joining FW]
  • - The MAX number amount of WRESTLERS you can have in FW is TWO! So that means, you either have TWO SINGLES WRESTLERS or A TAG TEAM! It's your choice, and only yours.
  • - Attempting to fool anyone on the staff by signing up more than 2 wrestlers with different e-mail adress will NOT be tolerated. We will still have your IP number from the RP Board. If anyone on the staff notices the same IP # from different wrestlers, the handler will be hunted down and fired!!
  • - All wrestlers MUST BE ORIGINAL!! All gimmicks must be original!! Nothing used from the WWF,WCW,ECW or any Independent Feds! Don't ever mention the WWF,WCW or ECW in any RP's!!
  • [Roleplaying Rules]
  • - Roleplaying is a big part in an e-fed.Victories are made by great RP's.
  • - A good length for Roleplays is 15 lines OR MORE! Anything less shouldn't be posted or read. In other words, in won't count. We want some quality RP's here in the FW.
  • - NEVER mention any other federation like WWF,WCW or ECW or any other online e-fed. Never tell us if you were champion in any other fed, becasue we do not care if you were or not. If any of that is noticed during RP's, suspension will be possible.
  • [AMOUNTS OF RP'S]- The LIMIT of amount of RP's in a WEEK in 3! If you're going to be away from your computer for a holiday or anything like that, let anyone in the staff know about it! THe last thing we want to happen is have the fed slow down due to lack of RP'S! So please keep up your RP's.
  • - The MAX amount of RP'S per DAY is 3. There is such thing as too much talking. Get your point made in a 25 lines. QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.
  • [RPing FOR EVENTS]- There is one event in FW(see events below). It is on Saturday (or sometimes Sunday). RP's will last be counted for the event untill Friday night, then no more will count towards a match. You basically have till midnight the day before an event.
  • [SWEARING]- The rule for swearing in FW is the so-called 'Steve Austin Rule', meaning if it's bleeped out when Austin says it on TV, you should bleep it out in your roleplays! Simple as that, I don't wanna hear any complaining about it either.
  • [Main Rules]
  • - In FW, we DONT want any immature handlers! The deal is, you win a few, you loose a few. No one's going to be the next Goldberg (even though in the last fed I ran, one tag team went undefeated!, don't expect that though).
  • [Complaining]- Complaining will NOT be tolerated here! This is the worst rule you could break. No one here in FW wants to hear you whine about loosing a match or something to that extent.
  • [EVENTS]
  • - There is one event a week in FW
  • Weekend Impact
  • - Weekend Impact is the main card in FW, since it's the only one. Big matches will happen, with quite a few titles on the line. Feuds will becoming even more climactic and wrestlers will learn to dislike each other more..
  • [Title Rules]
  • - There are FOUR singles titles in FW. The World Heavyweight Title, International Title, Hardcore Title, and the Television Title. There is one team title, the Tag Team Titles.(wowee)
  • -[Title Defences]- Titles MUST be defended AT LEAST every TWO events.
  • -[Who can get a title shot?]- The top THREE contenders of every title are first priority to a title shot. So if you're not in the TOP THREE for a title, don't ask for a shot. To GET INTO the TOP THREE, challange the 3rd contender for their respective spot.
  • - The same rules apply to the Tag Team Titles. More titles may be added as the days go by. Ones being considered are:
  • Lightweight Title, , I/C Tag Team Title.
[You are now ready to JOIN]